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Joe has been around the construction industry his entire life. From visiting job sites with his father as a child, to working in the field, to estimating and managing projects, and now serving as Chief Operating Officer of Prestige. His entire life has been spent in the drywall industry in one way or another. His focus and goal for Prestige has always remained the same “I want to make sure that when our customers have a project come up, I want Prestige Drywall to be the first name they think of.”

With over 20 years experience in bidding and managing projects, Joe is always available to answer any questions or help in any way that can make your project a success.


Jake started his career at Prestige in the field as a drywall finisher but after a few years decided that his true calling was as a project manager and estimator so he worked on job sites during the day and went to school at night. That willingness to do whatever it takes to reach his goals are what sets him apart. He has a multi-faceted wealth of knowledge because of his combination of field experience and education and that makes him perfectly suited to bid and manage projects in his current role as VP / Project Manager. Jakes attention to detail and ability to multi task make him the ideal person to turn to for any type of project you may run across. “ I believe that the customer is King! Anything I can do to help them and make sure their project runs smoothly is my main goal.”


Joining Prestige after a working for a General Contractor, gives Bryan a unique insight and ability to help navigate the intricacies of construction projects. His attention to detail and knowledge of both sides of
the equation make him a best of both worlds project manager. His ability to understand what they end goal is of any project are what helps set him apart from his competition. “I want to understand what the end goal is of any project, and then make sure that I set up my customer to achieve that goal. From napkin sketches to permit plans I always try my best to make sure that the customer is taken care of.”


All things manpower and operations related run through Tom. From managing all projects manpower needs, to making sure correct materials and details are being followed, if it needs to be done on one of our projects, Tom is the guy that makes sure it happens. He is one of the longest tenured employees at Prestige and it is no secret why. His ability to juggle all of the projects and “keep all the balls in the air” are truly something to behold. If you have hired Prestige to complete one of your projects, there is a strong possibility that Tom was one of, if not the main reason why. “Service, service, service. That’s is what I try to focus on daily to make sure that Prestige is always the go to company for any project large or small. In the fast paced world of construction, things often can fall through the cracks and that is where I come in to make sure that doesn’t happen”


Dave knows how to get it done, but most importantly, how to get it done safely. Safety and attention to detail are two things that Prestige Drywall takes very seriously, and Dave makes sure you’re covered on both fronts. His prior field experience as a Foreman for Prestige makes him keenly aware of the issues and solutions that are needed on a daily basis. “Clean and safe job sites, are successful job sites. I want all our processes to be done in a safe and efficient manner. We won’t ever cut corners at the expense of safety. My goal is to make sure all of our employees go home every day accident and injury free.”